The Dream

Workshop Foundation was born of two simple and long held beliefs by founder Stacie McCormick. One is to help artists and two is to connect artists to the public. How to help artists? How does an institution create a platform that supports artists and truly delivers that initiative to the wider public? These are questions that have fascinated and inspired the beginning and inform the future of all Workshop Foundation endeavours. We have now over seven years of demonstrable impact on over 50 artists, mostly by providing exhibitions and often by providing studio space and very frequently by mentoring through open availability. Of the achievements to date we are proud, but our long term ambitions are grand and the impact on artists and their audiences are substantial.
We have immediate goals with our current home at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop and have built a structure for the next few years that is growing our reputation as well as continuing to support dozens of artists. As we hone our skills on Unit1 Gallery | Workshop we are constantly looking to the future with our vision plan. Ultimately Workshop Foundation would like to have outlets in at least three countries and we see this initiative encompassing large stand alone venues with studios, exhibition spaces, accommodation facilities as well as expanding the reach more broadly to invite wider groups of ‘viewers’. The constant theme in all of WF’s activities is very principled and is driven upon a desire to connect public to artists and very importantly create unique and fulfilling experiences for everyone involved. The name of the foundation has been chosen with purpose and the identity of a workshop is just that, a collaborative experience where we work things out and the support and shared experience is improved exponentially. WF believes that experience is the invaluable currency. We have the intention to create environments that set creators free from commercial constraints and thus opening up possibilities for the unburdened artist to expand and grow.

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