Braced Exhibition

Between Production and Reproduction

Navigating an artist career and motherhood

Date: September 21st, 2023

Location: Unit 1 Gallery|Workshop, 1 Bard Road, London W10 6TP (nearest station Latimer Road)

Time: 6 pm

During Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury’s exhibition Matrescence we are inviting women to gather and explore the beauty and horror of these epic paintings as well as open the dialogue upon pregnancy, birth, and motherhood in tandem with a career as an artist.   We aim to lay bare the inadequacies of our current conditions and the state of isolation for young mothers and have a strong desire to plant the seeds of solidarity and community for women to help each other as well as create a powerful resource of support.  

We invite everyone interested in the subject of balancing motherhood and artistic practice and encourage women artists a on the brink of embracing motherhood or revelling in the bliss/exaustion of a newborn’s arrival, all while nurturing your artistic calling.  It’s time to step into the spotlight at the “Between Production and Reproduction Workshop.” Here, we beckon you to immerse yourself in an enriching exchange of experiences and knowledge. Support and solidarity- as it is through sharing and joining we are strengthened – We know it is challenging and hope some of you have experiences that have helped you or perhaps stories that have hindered you – We hope to provide the space and people to talk candidly about all of this and more –  balancing residencies and motherhood, exhibitions and breast feeding, creating and caring – lets establish the camaraderie of a community that truly understands. Your voice deserves to resound, and your aspirations warrant unwavering support. Join us on September 21st  at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop and to encourage and allow a new type of generosity and support for yourself in this unique journey.

Babies welcome – Breast feeding encouraged – bring books, tools —anything that may have been great help to you … 

About Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop and the Workshop Foundation:

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop is an exhibition and residency space in London and unique in its approach to bringing artists and their practices to the public. They support a diverse range of emerging and mid-career contemporary artists by providing them with space and time to develop their practice, network within our growing community, be mentored by team members and crucially be introduced to their expansive network of collectors, art educators, professionals and visitors.

Through their residency programmes and exhibitions, they give artists, curators and theorists a platform to present work and share ideas as well as creating an environment for freethinking and exchange.

They have now organised more than 40 exhibitions with over 120 artists and curators, with 10 exhibitions and 25 artists in residence a year, drawing in international audiences and participants, as well as being a local landmark in the community of Kensington and Chelsea and its surrounds.

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop was founded in 2015 by artist Stacie McCormick in a former builder’s merchant.



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