Conditions, states of being, environments, opportunities, and forces beyond our control can all be facets of human experience and life as we know it. Yet, there exist intrinsic experiences that surpass our capacity to comprehend, embrace, or articulate. It is these very experiences that I believe artists are uniquely poised to delve into. “Matrescence,” an exhibition, probes the depths of change, creation, beauty, horror, confusion, and mystery.

Private View
14th September, 6-9pm, 2023

Exhibition Dates
September 15th-30th, 2023

Fair Art Fair

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One to One with Stacie McCormick 

Zoom or IRL at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop

Between Production and Reproduction

During Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury’s exhibition Matrescence we are inviting women to gather and explore the beauty and horror of these epic paintings as well as open the dialogue upon pregnancy, birth, and motherhood in tandem with a career as an artist.