Edition(s) Show

The exhibition will continue until 4 July 2019.

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop is excited to present the Edition(s) Show – our second annual Summer Show – exhibiting a collection of works from the over 100 artists that have been involved in our exhibition and residency programmes to date.

Whilst raising funds to help support all of Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop’s initiatives, it is a wonderful opportunity to share the stories, impact and influence on a fast growing community of artists, curators and visitors.

Click here to see the catalogue of prints.

100% of ticket and edition sales go to support our generous initiatives at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, including the Solo Residency Programme, Radical Residency® Programme, as well as our continuing artist support.

Member artists have donated works and it is from these works we have developed the series of prints as a wonderful method to raise needed funds, including works by Sanne Vaassen, Bryan Reedy, Aušra Vaitkūnienė, Hermione Allsopp, Michal Raz, Nemo Nonnenmacher, Ant Hamlyn, Kate Boucher, Stacie McCormick, Pascal Rousson,, Daniel Silva, Camilla Emson, Bryan Reedy, Henry Tyrrell, Paula Baader, Javier Casas-Torras, Cedric Christie, Gabriela Giroletti, Parsons & Charlesworth, Julia Court, Thomas Garnon, Dominic Till, Connie Harrison, Gwenyth Fugard, Jae Jo, Solveig Settemsdal, Jean-Baptiste Lagadec, Bianca Barandun, Hun Kyu Kim, Juliette Dominati, Lucille Uhlrich, Sam Carvosso, Tobias Becker, Lucian Strindberg-Boyle and José Carlos Naranjo.


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