Final, not Over

Session 1
Royal College of Art MA Painting
2-6 July

Session 2
Slade School of Fine Art BA/BFA
9-13 July

Session 3
Royal College of Art MA Photography/Print/Painting
16-20 July

Session 4
City & Guilds of London Art School BA Fine Art
23-27 July

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop recognises the devastating loss to this year’s art graduates. Final exhibitions are a highlight of the art calendar as well as crucial opportunity for graduates to be seen by huge audiences as well as network for future opportunities. COVID-19 Lockdown robbed so many artists of the pleasure and pride associated with the final show. ⁠

We have decided to provide space and time to 4 groups of 2020 graduates installing their shows and presenting them in our gallery. All to be supported and promoted through all of our PR channels. Viewings were possible by appointment, easily booked through our new booking system.


Session 1: Open Fields
2–6 July 2020

Royal College of Art
MA Painting 2020

M J Silva Armstrong, Sholto Blissett, Shir Cohen, Sam Creasey, Sasha Ferré, Hengzhi Gong, Betsey Kilpatrick, Alexis Lee, Qijun Li, Yaya Liang, Ella McVeigh, Emily Moore, Leon Pozniakow, Yunah Seo, Xiaoxue Tang, Safira Taylor, Jukka Virkkunen, Richard Yeung, Lingrui Zhang


Session 2: On the Rocks
9–13 July 2020

Slade School of Fine Art
BA/BFA 2020

Ishwari Bhalerao and Leonie Rousham, Shauna Cribbin, Jake Fisk, Lettice Gatacre, Ellie Hayward, Georgia Kerr, Pol Wah-Tse, Seren Metcalfe, Anna Metzger, Billy Parker, Zowie Roxanne, Sean Synnuck, Ella Turner-Bridger, Stan Welch, Yom Bo Sung

Session 3
16–20 July 2020

Royal College of Art
MA Photography, Print & Painting

Katie Bret-Day, Mandy Franca, Roei Greenberg, Ian Malhotra, Bobby Monteverde, Alexander Mourant, Shir Raz, Xu Yang


Session 4
23–27 July 2020

City & Guilds of London Art School
BA Fine Art

Annapurna Austin, Yingming Chen, Liv Clarke, Louise Deane, Georgia Fraser, Harriet Gillett, Stefano Giordano, Lee-Roy Zozo Gitton, Eddie Howard, Sorcha Jewell, Leili Khabiri, Ranald MacDonald, Freya Moffat, Marcus Morgan, Polina Pak, Amélie Peace, Katherine Pethers, Rose Shuckburgh, Anna Stevenson, Andrew Szczech, Anna Woodward