Final, not Over – again

Cancelled Graduation Shows

13 May-7 June 2021


13-17 May Royal College of Art (MA Painting, Sculpture & Photography)

20-24 May Ruskin School of Art (BFA Fine Art)

27-31 May Central Saint Martins (MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies)

3-7 June Edinburgh College of Art (MFA/BFA Painting, Sculpture, Intermedia and Photography)


Thursdays 11am-8pm and Fridays-Mondays 11am-5pm


Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop is very proud to present four exciting exhibitions of recent graduates from 4 art schools, exhibiting 78 artists over a 4-week period between 13 May and 7 June 2021, as an answer to their cancelled graduation shows.

We were sincerely hoping there would be no necessity for another series of cancelled grad show exhibitions, yet the need for Final not Over — again is clear. A second year of missing Fine Art graduation shows, an incalculable loss for all of us, but for the graduates in particular: they are unable to share and celebrate some of the most formative moments of their lives.

Last year Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop were the first to provide exhibitions for 64 artists from 4 different art colleges in the UK when their shows were cancelled. This year, again, we have been inviting applications from graduates for four more sessions of cancelled graduation exhibitions, and again, we received an incredible number and variety of applications from students.

Over the course of this complex year we have learned much more about this difficult problem and the extent of its impact on art students. In a live conversation with Pause or Pay on Instagram (see it here) we discussed their campaign to empower students, who received little to no support from their institutions in the Covid-19 climate and we concluded: the problem is of epic proportion.  

Whilst the condition for this exhibition series is really unfortunate, we love to be able to provide and celebrate this opportunity for graduates — to experience a final, physical show on a professional level, to see their works out of the studio and given the prestige they have worked so hard for to achieve.

Please be sure to book your visit to discover and applaud these artists for continuous strength in such challenging times.


Session 1: 13-17 May Royal College of Art (MA Painting, Sculpture & Photography)

Helen Bermingham, Camilla Bliss, Richard Burton, Anne Carney Raines, Alexandra Diez de Rivera, Sophie Goodchild, Sam Hanner, Nour Jaouda, Hannah Kim, Graham Martin, José Rafael C. Mendes, Catherine Repko, Rita Silva, An Ting Teng, Yi To, Isadora Vogt, Wenxuan Wang, Shiwen Wang (Tweety), Lucy Whitehead, James Xiaozhijian Li, Bowei Yang, Ke Zhang, Ning Zhou


Session 2: 20-24 May Ruskin School of Art (BFA Fine Art)

Willow Senior, Elanor Ludlam, Rubia Rose Southcott, Beth Simcock, Erika Cann, Kirsty Fabiyi, Joe Amies, Maya Mo Coleborn, Katie Morris, Oliver Towarek, Eleanor Capstick, Zoe Harding, Max Tristan Watkins, Abe Sugarman, Ezra Allen, Joanna McClurg, Antonio Gullo and Alice Wade


Session 3: 27-31 May Central Saint Martins (MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies)

Liuchu Chen, Shou-An Chiang, Carlota Dos Santos, FengFeng, Jamie Iain Genovese, Lisa-Marie Harris, Yu Leng, Liina Leo, Farrah Li, Nicoletta Pazzaglia, Ana Radtsenko, Dani Surname, Ken Turner, Leanne Wiggers, Chu Wu, Beier Xie, Ying Xin, Xiaoyu Yu


Session 4: 3-7 June Edinburgh College of Art (MFA/BFA Painting, Sculpture, Intermedia and Photography)

Madeline ‘Cline, Eleanor Beale, Timothy Betton, Amber Brown, Ellie Bush, Evie Edwards, Sofia Hallström, Molly Kent, Hannah Lim, Louis Lisle, Sam MacInnes, Cat McClay+Éiméar McClay, Natasha Viosna Moody, Jody Mulvey, Isotta Page, Aisling Ward, Jack Whitelock, Michelle Wolodarsky, Madeleine Wood