Clare Burnett and Juliette Dominati


Exhibition: 1—17 October 2020
Opening: Thursday, 1 October, until 9pm

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop is excited to present Impromptu(s), an exhibition by Juliette Dominati and Clare Burnett — two artists that share an understanding of the everyday sublime, conjuring practices from observing the immediate, adapting, altering contexts, shifting perspectives. Both artists find themselves struck by a material or an object that sets them on a journey; these spontaneous improvisations shed light on our habits, our history, our immediate archeologies. The ready-made re-made again and again, blurring the lines of sculpture and painting.

Juliette Dominati (France) is a visual artist, performer and film/theatre director. She develops her work in the field of installation, including paintings, videos, performances and all kind of fragments. She approaches painting through the construction of sensitive environments made of crafted and found objects. Her narratives create playful universes – an invitation to circulate in human-scaled spaces that have their own coherence and respond to their proper rules.

Clare Burnett is a London-based artist who grew up in Belgium and France. She makes abstract, coloured sculptures using a wide range of materials and processes. Often arranged in groups to create interactions within the space and beyond, viewers can imagine moving through or above the spaces of smaller, architectonic assemblages; can walk around a building or a group of sculptures or can hold, touch or sit on work.

The exhibition will be open during Kensington and Chelsea Art Week from Monday-Saturday, 11am-5pm. The Opening will be on Thursday, 1 October until 9pm.

Visits will follow COVID-19 regulations and can be booked in limited time-slots.