No Rushing for Warmth

Rithika Pandey

Exhibition: 15 April-8 May 2021

Opening: Thursday, 15 April, 11am-9pm

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop is proud to present “No Rushing for Warmth”, the first solo exhibition in London by artist Rithika Pandey, celebrating the re-opening of the gallery. Please join us on Thursday, 15 April from 11am-9pmBookings for the Opening, as well as for a visit during the exhibition can be made here.


Rithika Pandey is a painter of richly coloured figurative paintings that are born from being a cultural nomad. She grew up in a family that moved between many places in India and Africa before spending time in the UK for her studies, providing her with a remarkable collection of impressions, colours and a unique vibrancy that bring her paintings to life.


Outsiders must always first observe, before being able to join, interpreting signs and habits in order to understand how to become part of a new culture. What is so very fascinating and rewarding about Rithika Pandey’s collected observations is that she swims in the mysterious, celebrating and defying collected symbols and experiences, somehow achieving a unified culture of otherness, spiritual hieroglyphs as well as characters.





Dreamlike narratives conjure dramas and mysticisms that feel at once archeological and fantastical. Joyful plays of colour bring us to the ‘warmth’ of the title — those summer days of abandon, unaware of the ease of the warmth of the day. These are paintings reflecting the heat and full sunlight upon a world singularly conjured from the subconscious mixtures and enigmas that can never be fully understood, yet joyfully exhibited. Rithika embraces how loudly she receives these collected experiences and endeavours to interpret and depict this very blissful confusion.


Rithika Pandey (b. 1998 Varanasi, India) is a contemporary visual artist from Mumbai. Being a recent graduate from Carmarthen School of Art, her nomadic practice situates her between her home in India and the UK. Recent shows include The Past is Foreign Place, solo show at Arcade Campfa, Cardiff 2021, MADE IT 2020, Short Supply MCR, Barbican Arts group Trust, Artworks Open 2020, London 2020 for which she was also the recipient of their first prize and Drawing is dead, Studio Khirki, Delhi 2018.