The Invitational I - Available Works

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop is proud to present “The Invitational I”, an exhibition celebrating artists from our residency programmes.

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop has invited all their previous resident artists from the prestigious Solo Residency, the dynamic Radical Residency®️ and the brand new Duo Residency to take part in “The Invitational I”, a group exhibition selected by our hero at Gasworks/Triangle Network — Alessio Antoniolli — to celebrate the remarkable people that make us who we are, that fill our gallery, our social media and our website with phenomenally rich content and bring joy to the hearts of the public and our organisation. We put the artist first and it is through our residency programmes we have had the distinct privilege to meet and work with so many of them. What better way to end this complex and difficult year than on a very high note of giving credit to the wonderful people we applaud and commit to?