Summer Show

Celebratory Exhibition

24th June – 6th July 2018

Our first annual Summer Show exhibited a collection of works from the over 80 artists that have been involved in our exhibition and residency programmes to date. The exhibition was accompanied by our first long table dinner, hosted for collectors, patrons and members. The intention of the event was to raise awareness as well as funds to help support all of our initiatives. It was a wonderful opportunity to share our stories, our impact and influence on our fast growing community of artists, curators and viewers. It established new relationships and funding that will keep this exciting organisation going.





Including works by Loukas Morley, Aušra Vaitkūnienė, Emma Corrall, Yu Ting, Kate Boucher, Ant Hamlyn, Anna Reading, Nemo Nonnenmacher, Stacie McCormick, Pascal Rousson, Hermione Allsopp, Daniel Silva, Mia Dudek, Michal Raz, Camilla Emson, Bryan Reedy, Henry Tyrell, Kate Fahey, Paula Baader, Javier Casas Torras, Cedric Christie, Gabriela Giroletti, Parsons & Charlesworth, Evy Jokhova, Russell Terry, Yukako Shibata and Simon Liddiment.