The Open Call is operated by Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, Unit 1, 1 Bard Road, London W10 6TP.

The competition is open to any international artist whose primary activity is in any artistic medium (like, but not limited to painting, drawing, sculpture, design, conceptual, film, photography, inter-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary or multi-disciplinary work). Employees (and their families) of Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop and anyone connected with the competition are not eligible.

  • The minimum age to participate is 18 years old.
  • Applicants have to not be enrolled in a university course at the time of the residency period.
  • Applicants are responsible for obtaining their own health & travel insurance and visa for entry into the United Kingdom. Further information

All applicants will be required to complete an application through the online application form only. This comprises of

  • a completed application form
  • an artist’s statement of no more than 300 words
  • a short artist biography of no more than 300 words
  • an artistic cv with recent and relevant exhibitions, awards, etc.
  • 10 images of original works (or related documentation) by the artist.
  • an application fee of 35 payable by Paypal. Use your full name for reference on payments.

Applicants from and living in the ‘Least Developed Countries’, ‘Other Low Income Countries’ and ‘Lower Middle Income Countries and Territories’ on the DAC list are exempt from payment. Applicants from the ‘Upper Middle Income Countries and Territories’ on the DAC list do have to pay the application fee. Please see the DAC list attached here.

By submitting an application, the entrant promises that all of the information comprised in the application is correct. The entrant also promises to comply with these rules and any other competition requirements specified by Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop (whether on its website or otherwise) and Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop reserves the right to exclude any entry which in its opinion does not comply.

Only one entry per person is permitted. All applications must be made through the Application page of the Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop website. No hard copy applications will be accepted. Proof of submission is not proof of receipt. Applications plus payment must be received by the closing date specified. No responsibility can be accepted for entries which are incomplete, delayed, damaged, wrongly delivered or not received for whatever reason.

The submitted works must be entirely the entrant’s original idea and creation and they must not infringe someone else’s copyright or other intellectual property rights. The submission must be lawful, it must not be offensive, obscene, racist, insulting, discriminating or otherwise objectionable and it must not contain any form of advertising.

Entrants grant Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop the unrestricted right (without royalty) to reproduce images of submitted artworks in any publication in connection with the Residency Programmes and/or Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop’s Open Call.

The selected applicant decision is final. If Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop is unable to contact any short-listed artist or winner via the email address supplied by the entrant, the short-list position / prize lapses and Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop reserves the right to select alternative applicants.

Selected artists will be contacted directly. The names of the winner and will be published on Social Media and elsewhere in competition publicity.

The selected artists are expected to sign agreements governing the conditions applicable to the residency respectively and Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop reserves the right to remove the artist from the residency or withdraw the selection if the relevant agreement is not signed.

In all matters arising in connection with the competition, Unit 1 Gallery |Workshop’s decision shall be final.

The entrant will be liable for any reasonably foreseeable loss or damage suffered by Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop arising from the artist’s breach of this agreement.

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop reserves the right to cancel this competition or alter these rules if it considers that it has good reason to do so.

These rules are governed by English law and any disputes will be decided only by the courts of the United Kingdom.

1. Working Studio hours are 24/7 with exceptions to Sundays and Mondays.

2. The gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 5 pm. The gallery hours are by appointment only and can be booked online or via A link for bookings will be made available.

3. The artist has to commit the majority of the residency period to this residency and attend the working studios during opening times to be available to public visits.

4. Key access is provided by a lock box to the left of the door. A code will be available separately. Please be aware that security is a priority at the space and respect for keeping the space locked and looked after is crucial.

5. Toxic and/or dangerous products as well as heavy machinery are generally forbidden, artists should ask the permission of the gallery before using any product that could be considered toxic and /or dangerous by the common sense.

6. Artists must leave studio rubbish each Saturday evening in the garbage area (outside the gallery by the entrance).

7. It is requested that the work of the artists produce in the studio during the residency period is not shown outside the gallery space in advance of the exhibition. Artists are invited to create new works that will be exclusively first shown in the studio space for the Solo Residency Exhibition. Please, when sharing on social media, keep imagery to partial.

8. The artist agrees to make good the exhibition space and reinstate any installation impact to a ready-to-exhibit standard. This includes filling holes and painting the walls.

9. Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop can not store work in advance or after the exhibitions dates. Materials and works that are not curated into the Exhibition have to be collected by the end of the residency. Final collection of all works after the show ends. The premises have to be cleared of rubbish by the end of the day.

10. Common areas have to be kept clean, tidy and clear of rubbish, including but not limited to the kitchen, sinks, toilets etc.

11. The artist agrees not to do anything which may be a nuisance, annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to the staff (including noise levels, scents and other sensory disturbances).

12. The artist agrees to be responsible for the equipment and goods provided by Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop and to replace and/or reimburse for them in case of loss or breakage.

13. No alternation to the space is allowed without the permission of gallery staff.

14. The artist agrees to not smoke in or adjacent to the gallery space. Smoking is allowed at the far wall of the carpark opposite the gallery entrance.

15. The artist agrees to allow the gallery to use images of exhibited artworks for promotional purposes. This also applies to promotional use of the artists’ name, portrait, information and biography.

16. The director’s studio and office are to be respected as a private space and are not to be accessed without notice by Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop staff. Requests and questions will be send via agreed WhatsApp number.

17. The Solo Residency Exhibition is a curated exhibition and it, including associated events, happens in cooperation with Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop associates.

18. The works created during the residency period are available and for sale as part of the end of residency exhibition. The pricing of the work happens in cooperation with Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop associates.

19. The artist agrees to invigilate during the Solo Residency Exhibition and agrees to set times of availability. In the event there is an exhibition in the main space, artists are required to invigilate Saturdays during gallery hours.

20. The gallery and working studio space is open to the public and you will be working side by side together.

21. The artist agrees to donate a piece of work to the Collection (as stated under Financial Agreement/Donation of work).


Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop represents and warrants that it has entered into a public liability insurance contract with respect to the business carried out at 1 Bard Road, London, W10 6TP. The Parties are each, individually, responsible for any of their own negligent actions or omissions, causing physical harm to people or damage to property. All individuals, products and stock delivered and brought to the gallery by the artist during installation and de-install (see dates above) are expressly the responsibility of the artist. Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop will not be held liable for damage, loss or theft. The artist accepts personal liability for any injury to themselves or their elected help as well as invited guests whilst in and adjacent to the gallery space for the duration of the aforementioned timeframe. The artist accepts to make no claim upon Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop and its founder Stacie McCormick and further accepts that the nature of installing works require risks that the artist accepts on behalf of themselves and their elected helpers. Any and all accidents or injury that occur will be at the understood and accepted responsibility by the artist. The artist understands that the space has two floors and upstairs is no access without notice from the director or other staff, with regard to security and privacy. Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop has an inventory of fitting and fixtures and equipment in house and it is understood by the artist that there will be no use without notice and nor will the artist and their elected help and guests put any of the inventory, fitting and fixtures at risk.

Making Good

By the end of the deinstall period it is the artist’s responsibility to make good the venue. This includes handing back the property in a clean state, removing all rubbish and packaging material from the property and restoring the property to the original condition at the start of the residency and installation period, minus any wear and tear that may result from the normal use of the premises.

Exhibition Cancellation Policy

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop reserves the right to cancel an exhibition without notice if the nature of the event or the works on display are deemed to be illegal, obscene or offensive.

Parking and External Space

The artist and their elected helpers will utilise the parking space (1) for drop off and installation purposes  only and will respect the other tenants of 1 Bard Road. The security gate will remain closed and will need to be securely closed at the end of day to be the responsibility of the agreed attending individual(s) (as authorised, reviewed and agreed in advance with all parties).

Financial Agreement/Donation of work

The artist and Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop agree that the proceeds of the sale of works (works produced and shown in association with the residency program, see List of Works under Consignment) of the artist exhibited at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop will result in shared proceeds. Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop agrees to pay the artist 50% from all sales from this named show only. The promised share of 50% proceeds extends beyond the show dates to 6 months. After signing the work under consignment agreement, the artist and the works exhibited in the show will remain within this agreement beyond the show dates to 6 months. The artist agrees to donate a work of art to add to the catalog of works available for sale to allow Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop to continue supporting future art residencies. The work has to be donated in physical form by the end of the residency period.

Promotional use of documentation material

The artist is invited to use promotional material, including professionally shot images of the artworks and exhibition on all media channels. The artist agrees to caption all media associated with the Residency Programme, including the documentation of works, the exhibition, work in progress and associated events with, if applicable, the correct Image Courtesy of “Image Courtesy of Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop” and to name and link/tag Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop in an identifiable and sufficient manner, when used in any media outlets, such as, but not limited to: print and online media, any form of Social Media, the artists portfolio and other self promotional publications (such as, but not limited to, interviews and podcasts), catalogues, and research publications, as well as any form of video/digital content.