Studio Residency

Ubada Muti has been selected to be our next resident artist! For 89 days Ubada will be working in the studio above the gallery space, and as part of the solo residency exhibition the gallery will present his work in multiple events during its time.

[d]ear unit gallery 1 | workshop and its kind persons;

I am about to write and would like you to have and if you do and please:
share them exactly with their every word: from their [d] to their [a];

I write:
every introduction, every news, every announcement needs it, sensibly requires it;
especially if its subject were, and as such in this case, someone unheard, new to the public;

as for a reason, you have asked me to share with you something you could do with those who care,
those whom I predict might be curious and generous to have read to this word;

all this: I could understand as much as the word itself, and this: I find fair;

a truth, a one that I trust is one, is that I couldn’t do it, not as easily as I had assumed;

how I could tell who I and where I and how I and when I and what I and dare to say and state them,
them in words and them only in a language among many I lived to think with; how could I say them,
them when they themselves are what I am much, much, much trying to know;

how could I dare to state when I couldn’t truly know what I am, and what dare is, and what state means;

I have nothing to teach nor to tell let alone to state anything to anyone;
even if I often fall into such higher feelings of wisdom, truly I have nothing;
what I have, what I want to have, what I trust I have, what I trust I want to have is an urge for education,
and I am to fight anything or anyone who dares to challenge this, even that of myself;
what I have to offer to others is my urge for it, my journey in it, and the reason is,
the only reason that I could rely to is the fact that I was educated by those,
those who dared to share theirs;

my default is to escape: to a corner where I could feel safe,
safe to be who I trust I should truly be; then I open that book,
I read that line, I listen to that voice to that melody and I fall,
fall into this abyss: how glad I am they dared to share what they had;

saying all this, a reader may still want to know that I was to a two:
one born in the oldest of the world, one lived in the largest of the world;
that I was raised a foreign in a third, named: grandmother; hearing the breeze,
the breeze of its red sea, not away from the facing of my everydays;

that I started my formal education in a school for spaces and more;
that I found myself in a school for, in, on and around the art;

that I found a word: and;
made it my journey, teacher, my guide;
placed it in the centre of everything I knew and I to know;

that I am confident;
that I am terrified;
that I am about to share;
that with this I already begun;

that I am kindly and truly;
that I, ubad[a]

Ubada Muti (b. 1993) is a multicultural, multidisciplinary artist; currently living in Istanbul.

unit 1 gallery | workshop and I, ubada, are very-very pleased to invite you to an event titled: so far.. (9422);

the event is to take place on a saturday: 23 march, 2019, between the hours: 13.00 and 16.00;

the event is to mark the 41st day of my residency, and it is to form as an open studio day surrounding an introduction, a soliloquy, by myself ensuing a conversation with you, the public, helped with thomas groves;

I would like to welcome you to the generous space that I have for 89 days, to share with you an insight to what I am learning and the progress, etc. of what and how, etc. I am reflecting and those I am with other generous-persons, and also to present to you a glimpse to what possibly is to come..;

wait, wait, who am I again:

I, ubada, am their, unit 1 gallery | workshop’s, current solo “artist” in residence;

and I am quite, often uncertainly and seemingly, deeply and truly needing[ly] interested in what it means to share and will be exploring and questioning the aspects of it and all, as much if not “and all”, those and things rounding it, surrounding it, etc., through conversing with selected persons, and fully consciously, if not always specifically, on the subject through: talking, performing, making, etc. during my 89 days in this residence;

maybe [pray-pray] to see you on the day;

the day: 23rd of the third month, march, of the Gregorian calendar of this very year, 2019,

the london hours of an saturday afternoon: 13.00 to 16.00;

truly and best, sincerely and with regards;


and unit 1 gallery | workshop