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Solo Residency

Free studio for 3 months followed by solo exhibition in London

The gallery is offering one artist access for three months to one of its spectacular 350 square foot studio spaces, with both natural and professional lighting. Working above the gallery space, the successful applicant has the opportunity to network with artists, curators, collectors and the wider public whilst visiting ongoing exhibitions and events organised in the gallery. The residency programme will also provide guidance from gallery directors as well as an end-of-residency solo exhibition organised in the studio space upstairs.

The applicants will also be considered for the new Radical Residency programme.

The residency programme is open to artists of all ages and backgrounds including international artists living outside of the United Kingdom. Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop currently cannot provide housing for its residency programme however we will do everything we can to help direct the selected artist to find a place to stay in London.

This is a fantastic opportunity for an ambitious artist to benefit from a large studio to create a new body of work as large and complex as desired, to experiment, research or take a new direction, and to strengthen a career.

The result will be announced on the gallery’s website and on social media one month before the start of the residency. The selected artist will also receive a direct email. Due to the high number of application we will not be able to provide personal feedback.

The application cost is £35. This donation allows Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop to continue supporting future art residencies.

Criteria for selection:

  • Applicants must be contemporary practitioners in fine art (painting, drawing, sculpture, design, conceptual, film or cross-disciplinary work),
  • Applicants must be able to travel to London for the residency duration,
  • Applicants must be open to collaborate and work with other artists and curators,
  • Applicants should be interested in fostering a relationship with the gallery’s visitors.

What we offer:

  • A three-month free studio of 350 square foot,
  • An end-of-residency solo exhibition organised by Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop curator in the studio space upstairs,
  • An induction session (for international resident artist) to discover the London art scene,
  • Guidance from Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop director,
  • Support to the resident artist to organise open studio, artist talk or other events,
  • Letters of recommendation for funding applications,
  • Artist membership in Workshop Foundation,
  • The progress of the residency programme will be advertised on the gallery’s social media accounts, newsletter and website.

Past resident artists include Sanne Vaassen, ubada muti, Solveig Settemsdal, Bianca Barandun, Thomas Garnon, Emma Corrall, Thomas Langley, Morgan Wills, Harrison Pearce and Jose Carlos Naranjo. We have been excited and delighted to see our residents move on to solo shows, awards, and further residency programmes.


Radical Residency


This dynamic and innovative opportunity provides ten artists from across the world a communal studio space for four weeks, culminating in a group exhibition featuring works exclusively created on the premises.

The Radical Residency programme is a direct response to the calibre of applications received for the coveted 3 month solo residency based on the first floor of Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop. Due to the high standard of applicants, it only seemed logical to expand the programme whilst also allowing an opportunity for the public to witness the artists during a ‘studio work-in-progress’ environment through a series of open discussions and critical seminars. Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop founder and director Stacie McCormick sees the Radical Residency as a means of providing not only space and time for artists to work on their own individual practices, but also to open up opportunities for dialogue and exchange, transforming the normally hushed gallery space into a thriving hub of potential provocation and conversation. This is a place where artists have a chance to learn from each other, disrupting their routine, change context, reflect comparatively, as well as garner feedback and support from both colleagues and visitors all within a nurturing professional space. 

Past residents include Tobias Becker, Sam Carvosso, Sooyoung Chung, Juliette Dominati, Géraldine Honauer, Hun Kyu Kim, Jean-Baptiste Lagadec, Henry Tyrrell, Lucille Uhlrich, Poppy Whatmore, Javier Torras Casas, Yu Ting Ong, Evy Jokhova, Eugene Macki, Paula Baader, Nemo Nonnenmacher, Ant Hamlyn, Julia Court and Diane Chappalley.

Writing Residency

We support critical art writing practices and invite three resident writers per year. Striving to foster an academic exchange within our exhibition and residency programmes. Past collaborations include the Critical Writing in Art & Design Course at the Royal College of Art. Our first Writing Resident was Jacqueline Duan in 2018 and our Current Writing Resident is Elisabeth Tomlinson.